EPIC 2020 – Resident Program Continues

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E.P.I.C. stands for Empowering People, Inspiring Communities and is a meaningful work opportunity program designed to satisfy the need for our residents to contribute to society.  Residents apply through an application process and in January of each year four residents are selected to engage in this year-long leadership experience.

E.P.I.C. Members attend monthly curriculum sessions focusing on various topics including professionalism, leadership, customer service, and what it means to be a brand ambassador. They learn facts and the history of The Virginia Home as well as learning how to navigate our website and other aspects of technology and social media. In conjunction with the curriculum E.P.I.C. members also attend weekly crafting sessions to make beautiful signs out of up-cycled wood which they will sell at the South of the James Farmers Market. Residents spend January through May building their skills and preparing to share the mission of The Home with the greater community. At the end of the year-long experience residents  attend a graduation ceremony where the E.P.I.C. class earns the well-deserved title of being a Virginia Home Ambassador.

Come visit our EPIC tent this year at the South of the James Farmers Market every third Saturday May-October (May 16th, Jun 20, Jul 18, Aug 15, Sep 19 and Oct 17). All proceeds from products sold will directly support the E.P.I.C. program in years to come.


Cyndy Bristow

My name is Cyndy and I have lived at The Virginia Home for 7 years. The residents and staff are a unique and special group of people and I love being around everyone. I am also grateful I get my own private room.  I get so many opportunities here that I wouldn’t have at other nursing homes.  My most memorable experience was through our Travel Scholarship Program. I was lucky enough to go on a beach vacation to Sandbridge, VA. We rented an accessible, ocean-front beach house that even had an in-home movie theater! I had so much fun relaxing, shopping, and exploring restaurants along the boardwalk. I appreciated the opportunity to have a normal vacation while still having the same care as I receive at The Home. I really enjoy working because I like new experiences and meeting new people, so I have had many jobs and volunteer experiences throughout my life. I was paid to assist with feeding at my hometown nursing home, greeting people and answering phones at my Dad’s funeral home, and selling clothes, pricing items,  and working the cash register at my Mom’s boutique, Cyndy’s Bin. I also volunteered at the hospital handing out visitor passes and my favorite volunteer experience to date was working at a 24hr Crisis Hotline. God put me on this earth to help and inspire people, which is why I wanted to become an EPIC Ambassador. I was overcome with joy when I was accepted into the program, and I can’t wait to share with the community how fantastic The Virginia Home is. I am also excited to check out the Farmer’s Market since I have never been to one before.

Vernon Garletts

My name is Vernon and I have lived at the Virginia Home for 23 years. My favorite part of living here is the variety of activities available to us. There is something for everyone and exciting things are always happening. My most memorable experience since living here has been the Travel Scholarship trips. I am lucky enough to have gone on 2 trips already! One was to Baltimore, Maryland and my favorite was flying to Universal Studios in Florida. I really enjoy being involved and when the EPIC program started a Workshop for the Farmer’s Market I made sure I was at every one during the inaugural year. When I was accepted into the EPIC program I was so happy and excited. I really enjoy having purposeful work.  I am eager to be an EPIC Ambassador because I want to express my creativity, as I love painting and fashion design. I really enjoy working with others and being a part of a team, and I can’t wait to meet new people in the community. I want people to know that the residents of The Virginia Home are extremely creative and have a lot to offer others. I really want people to get to know us, because we love making new friends. I am looking forward to educating the public about The Virginia Home by using my new conversation and fact buttons on my speech device at the Farmer’s Market.

Frenchie Hart

My name is Frenchie and I have lived at The Virginia Home for 16 years.  My favorite part of living here is the staff and the great care I receive. The staff is so good to me, the food is delicious, and I have lots of opportunities to go out into the community to do the things that I love. The most memorable experience The Home has given me is when they took me on my very first cruise vacation to the Bahamas. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do that and I am so happy I had the chance. I love to work and I am happiest when I have a job to do. I have had many jobs over the years including workshop jobs putting punch cards into IBM machines and cleaning the insides of telephones. Now, I am the Deacon at my church and help deliver messages.  The Home has also given me many opportunities to volunteer delivering mail, newspapers, pool papers, and shopping for our hostess cart. I wanted to be an EPIC Ambassador because I want to be involved as much as possible and tell people about all the opportunities we have at The Home. I can never have too much work and I am so excited to be a part of this year’s EPIC program. I can’t wait to learn new things and share my love of The Virginia Home with the community.

Pia Scott

My name is Pia and I have lived at The Virginia Home for 4 years. I love the people here! The residents and staff have become some of my best friends and it really feels like we are one big happy family. My favorite experience has been my travel trip to Washington, DC. It was the first vacation I have ever taken without my family and it was so much fun! I love giving back to the community so I started volunteering at The Children’s Museum doing data entry once a week. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be an EPIC Ambassador and can’t wait to learn more about The Home and grow my resume and job skills. I want to show the community what a neat place The Virginia Home is, and to share all the wonderful activities and special events we have. I am most excited to meet new people and see what the Farmer’s Market is all about!

An epic motto for an E.P.I.C. Program – ‘I am more than what you see and I want to share that with my community.’