Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to The Virginia Home! Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions from new residents and their loved ones.

1. What is your application process?
Please submit the application, history & physical (must be completed by a physician), and the Virginia Uniform Assessment Instrument to Jessica Young. Once these documents are received, you will be invited to The Virginia Home to participate in an in-person nursing and admission assessment and tour. After your tour, you will be presented to the Admission Committee who will either approve or deny your acceptance to our waiting list. Acceptance to the waiting list does not guarantee admission. Once near the top of the waiting list, we will need your most recent current history and physical exam notes from your physician describing any changes or updates in your medical condition. We also request that you visit us again for a pre-admission evaluation by our Interdisciplinary Care Team to determine if we are able to meet your medical needs at that time.

2. What should I bring on move-in day?
COVID-19 vaccination card, insurance cards, ID, at least two weeks’ worth of clothes, underwear, socks, shoes, toiletries (we provide standard McKesson toiletries, you may choose to bring your own toiletries if you prefer a specific brand), TV, cell phone, electronics, mini-fridge (optional, but please bring the kind without a freezer compartment inside the fridge).

3. What not to bring?
Extension cords, cigarettes, weapons.

4. Can I take my loved one home for an overnight visit?
Yes. Please notify complete our Leave of Absence Form. Residents are entitled to 18 nights away from The Virginia Home.

5. Can I take my loved one out of The Virginia Home for the day?
Yes. Please notify complete our Leave of Absence Form if the resident will require medications during the outing.

6. How to schedule family visits at The Virginia Home?
Please contact our Director of Volunteer Services, Annie Kennedy to obtain our latest visitor policy. Please bring your COVID-19 vaccination card with you during your first visit. We will keep it on file for subsequent visits.

7. May I leave on my own?
Upon admission, you will be assessed for wheelchair use and safety awareness. If deemed capable, you may leave The Virginia Home independently to wheel around the park or visit local restaurants and businesses at your leisure. We ask that you sign out at the front desk.

8. Can I bring more clothes for my loved one?
Yes, please leave them with the Front Desk Receptionist or Annie Kennedy in our Volunteer Office. We will label them first and then deliver them to their rooms.

9. When is laundry done?
A resident may choose to do their own laundry using the laundry facilities on the second floor. Laundry supplies are provided free of charge. If you would like The Virginia Home to do your laundry for you, please place soiled items in the bag on the backside of your door. Clothes are laundered weekly and returned the following day according to the following schedule: second floor laundry is taken on Wednesdays and returned on Thursdays; third floor laundry is taken down on Tuesdays and returned on Wednesdays; fourth floor laundry is taken down on Mondays and returned on Tuesdays; and fifth floor laundry is taken down on Sundays and returned on Mondays. The Virginia Home labels all articles of clothing and linens with the resident’s name and room number in order to mitigate loss. If you need an article labeled, please notify Annie Kennedy.

10. Are meals included?
All three meals plus snacks are included. We also have special holiday meals and parties throughout the year.

11. Does The Virginia House have visiting hours?
The Virginia House is the resident’s home, and therefore, residents are free to have guests from 9:00am until 9:00pm. Some exceptions apply. Please contact our Director of Volunteer Services, Annie Kennedy, to obtain our latest visitor policy.

12. May I smoke at The Virginia Home?
The Virginia Home is a non-smoking facility.

13. What happens if my wheelchair has a problem or breaks down?
We have a full-time wheelchair technician devoted to repairing wheelchairs.

14. How will I receive my mail?
Mail is delivered daily to residents’ rooms. You may also mail packages or have deliveries sent from online retailers.

15. Am I able to bring my pet to The Virginia Home?
Unfortunately, you are pet is not allowed to move into The Virginia Home with you. However, your friends or family can bring them for a visit. Also, The Virginia Home does offer a pet therapy program with trained animals.

16. May I attend religious services?
The Virginia Home have one full-time chaplain and a pastoral care program that can meet all the religious needs of our residents. We also have visiting religious leaders from various denominations. You will be able to attend services, take part in religious discussions, and enjoy pastoral visits. Our social workers can also assist in applying for local paratransit transportation if you would like to attend a local church service.

17. Is The Virginia Home a nursing home?
Yes, The Virginia Home is classified as an intermediate care nursing home.

18. How do I pay for The Virginia Home?
The Virginia Home accepts Medicaid, private pay, and some forms of private insurance.

19. What kind of activities do you have?
We offer a very robust recreation and activities department which offers services seven days a week. A sampling of activities that we offer include gardening, arts and crafts, socials, swimming in our heated pool, and daily “Rec Café.” The Virginia Home also offers outings to restaurants, museums, sporting events, concerts, shopping, and more! We also take overnight trips to the beach for some adaptive surfing, short cruises, and even Disney World! We also have a full-time music therapist who provides individualized therapeutic support or group sessions. Come join our choir!

20. How can I get on a computer?
We offer Wi-Fi free of charge if you have a computer of your own. We also have public computers solely for resident use. Our occupational therapist can assist with adapted devices.

21. Will I have to share my room?
No, every resident has a private room. Residents are encouraged to make their room their home by decorating and personalizing it.

22. How will I receive care at The Virginia Home?
The Virginia Home’s medical director and physician can provide primary care services. Contracted providers offer specialty services including: podiatry, optometry, and dentistry. When necessary, The Virginia Home can provide transportation to outside medical appointments.

23. How will I get medications?
The Virginia Home works with a pharmacy to obtain all medications. Medications will be administered by our staff.

24. Do you have a salon?
Yes, we offer salon services free of charge. Our salon is open on Wednesdays 10am-3pm for cuts, colors, and beard trims and Fridays 9am-5:30pm for styling.

25. Can I have a telephone in my room?
Landline telephones are available at an additional cost. If you do not have a cellphone, we may be able to obtain one for you for free and our adapted technology team can adapt it to maximize your ability to use it.

26. Will I receive therapy services?
The Virginia Home has a full-time physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech-language pathologist. Upon admission, the new resident will be evaluated by each therapist who will then develop a treatment plan.