Gaining ability in disability

Residents may live with the effects of stroke, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, and other conditions, yet the sense of vitality and youth here is awe-inspiring. Our community balances the support each resident needs with the rewards of living independently, lending a permanent hand and providing a high quality of life to people whose lives call for strength and courage.

Meet the people

Residents require around-the-clock care due to physical disabilities. They range in age from teenagers (minimum age 18) to the elderly (average age of 50), and most will live a normal lifespan while requiring 24/7 care. While the average stay at The Virginia Home is about 20 years; the longest stay was more than 60 years. We give each person the opportunity to live a life with dignity and offer the chance to pursue personal dreams and enjoy new experiences regardless of challenges.

Making a life in RVA

Our residents come from nearly every city and county of the Commonwealth, and represent diverse backgrounds. They are athletes, artists, adventurers, poets, swimmers, workers, advocates, and volunteers. They also represent many races, religions, and cultures. Some work and others volunteer in the Richmond community.

Resident services and amenities:

  • Round-the-clock nursing services, plus on-site dental care
  • Occupational, speech, and physical therapy
  • Individualized nutrition services
  • Community integration, with transportation to work, school, church, restaurants, and events
  • Recreation therapy, both on-site and in the community
  • Full-size therapeutic pool and multi-use gymnasium
  • Travel Scholarship program for all residents
  • Tickets to special events, concerts, and cultural opportunities
  • Charity events, including the annual Aquathon
  • Adaptive sporting events and Special Olympics
  • Private rooms with computer and internet access
  • Hair salon, banking, book and video library
  • Regular speakers and entertainment